Earth and Life: changes over time

The Brights’ Classroom Poster Project

This is a project to disseminate a high quality wall poster titled “Earth and Life: changes over time” to science teachers who commit to use it.

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The poster deals with Earth’s changes in both physical and biological realms, spanning 13.7 billion years. It extends over 5 feet in width. Developed by science faculty at Kankakee Community College, there is nothing like it elsewhere. Here is the faculty's description of the poster:

"Earth and Life: changes over time" is a pictorial representation of evolution from the “Big Bang” to current times. The unique feature of this poster is that it combines physical science and life science events on the same time scale. The viewer will be able to see connections not seen in other timelines of evolution. Educators will be able to show students the impact of physical and geological events on the evolution of life, while others can enjoy the grandness of the presentation and gain a new perspective of the processes involved in our changing world.


Additionally, the poster has been reviewed by staff from the National Association of Biology Teachers and National Evolutionary Synthesis Center. As of August 2013, it had been viewed by more than 37,000 students in classrooms across the United States. Now, it has been viewed by more than a quarter million.

You can view the sample wall poster (69” wide by 13” high) here. (PDF - 5.5M)

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To Receive A Wall Poster For Your Science Classroom

High School Science Teachers: A high school teacher [USA] who is teaching about evolution in his/her classroom may apply to receive a FREE poster by completing and submitting your request using the link below left. [Non-USA high school science teachers, see "Other Instructional Settings" below.]

The teacher must provide a valid school address and verifiable school contact and employment information. We also do ask that teachers agree that they are equipped and willing to plan for its use in their classrooms when teaching this topic in their curriculum. We will send this wall poster to as many such teachers as we have resources to supply.

Staff at Brights Central have occasionally emailed recipients to inquire if they had yet received the poster. Besides the "yes" or "not yet" replies of thanks, many have added what they thought about its content. Of all contacted so far, the reaction has been unanimously positive. [See sample comments from teachers who have already received a poster.]

Other Instructional Settings:

Persons in instructional capacities other than [USA] high school science teacher must apply separately. Please click the button above to do so.

Such applicants will need to demonstrate both suitability of the learning situation (most especially readiness on the part of learners to benefit from the level of presentation) and a willingness to obtain the poster at cost of fulfillment, including shipping. Likely candidates would typically be employed at an institution of higher learning or related institution (e.g., science museum, research facility, government project). It is possible that some college and university level instructors are in a unique position to acquaint prospective or inservice secondary science teachers with the detailed poster information and can potentially receive a free poster, paying only cost of shipping..

There is to be no commercial sales of the poster. The Brights' Net is under obligation to the graphic developer to ensure that all dissemination occurs on a nonprofit basis.

To Support the Classroom Poster Project

Please tell others who care about sound science education to help Brights to carry out this worthwhile educational project!

You (or any science enthusiast who learns of it) can use the donation link provided below to earmark financial support to this initiative. Any earmarked amount will go directly to this endeavor!

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