Action Arenas

Constituents have recommended a diverse array of undertakings to promote the civic aims on the home page. The Brights’ Net drew together all the various alternatives, identifying three broad arenas for emphasis.

Action Arena #1
Reality about Human Morality

Persons who have a naturalistic worldview are perpetually "up against" the false but widely held cultural presumption that they, because of their worldview, lack certain requisites to be moral persons. more...

Action Arena #2
Budding Brights

“Growing up to be a bright” is far more the exception than the rule. Most youngsters, surrounded by society suffused with beliefs in supernatural realms, absorb the milieu, the language, and the constraints on thinking. more...

Action Arena #3
Media & Method

Consider that, once the public consciousness was raised on such matters as sexism and racism, the press and media have done much to induce more general societal fairness all around. Perhaps the reverse might serve as strategy. more...

Action Arenas

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