Parenting Possibilities

By starting with the home situation and on the ground floor of education, caring Brights in this movement can help families to confront the dearth of ways and means for nourishing and sustaining the promise of nascent naturalistic beginnings. (Later on, the site can link together educational specialists, counseling professionals, and others to address the need to foster “roots” of a naturalisic outlook for pre-schoolers, and to give youngsters stamina to confront what happens in schools.)

Parents who are brights are often without adequate resources and little time to acquire them. All too often, they turn to inappropriate institutions to aid them in addressing “character-building” and in answering those tough questions of ultimate concern, and they struggle when their children ask to do what “all the others” do. Parents need options, and pre-school institutions serving children need inclusive policies and strategies. Brights can address how our site might put forward sensible, constructive tactics and resources.

Many parents (and children's relatives and friends who are brights) simply are not aware of the music and rhymes and fables that can make the points they might wish to make. They may be unable to take that very slightly different tack that would reduce the child's culturally-induced anxieties. (For example, when other children are taught to “say your prayers,” children can, with noteworthy effect, be taught to “say your promises.")

With the help of the Brights, this hub can grow to become a resource for families (and friends, and institutions). It can perhaps furnish centralized access to selective information, secular rituals and key resources that are particularly important for pre-school years, when youngsters are first seeking to make conceptual connections through inborn curiosity and first confronting the social expectations of peers.


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