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All of the downloads below contain the same artwork (previewed at right) suitable for printing at different sizes/resolutions (listed small to largest).

For best results, we recommend that you choose the smallest file available that is larger than your desired printed size.

Choose a Size to Download

4" x 10.5" (10.16cm x 26.67cm)
@ 300 dpi

Download the 8.3MB ZIP File (Expands to 18.2MB PSD)

8" x 21" (20.32cm x 53.34cm)
@ 300 dpi

Download the 18.3MB ZIP File (Expands to 50.5MB PSD)

12" x 31.5" (30.48cm x 80.01cm)
@ 300 dpi

Download the 32.4MB ZIP File (Expands to 93.3MB PSD)

32" x 84" (81.28cm x 213.36cm)
@ 150 dpi

Download the 38.6MB ZIP File (Expands to 132.3MB PSD)

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