Carolyn Harkonnen oversees the payroll and budgeting at "Brights Central" in Sacramento.

After working part-time in the office for a while, Carolyn was invited to join the volunteer board (2011). She is helping BC to respond more personally to the Brights who are backing the Brights' initiative.

A graduate of Sierra College and a merchandiser with American Greetings, Carolyn's activism stems from the American response to 9/11, after which she sought to rethink the civic status of nonreligious individuals. She had already become a member of a local atheist organization when she first learned of the Brights in 2009. She was supporting the local group's mission of increased public understanding of atheists, involved in its programs of blood donation and other service activities, such as highway cleanups. When Brights Central sought bookkeeping assistance locally, she responded.