Mynga Futrell, Ph.D., follows Paul Geisert into the role of executive director of the nonprofit organization that is the hub or communications and action in support of the Brights movement.

Dr. Futrell is a native Kentuckian holding graduate degress in natural science and curriculum from the University of Wyoming. As an educator, she worked in instructional development and taught at diverse levels of instruction from elementary through graduate levels.

A longtime activist seeking civic inclusion and fairness for citizens who exhibit nonconforming but empirically based views, she is lead developer of the Teaching about Religion in Support of Civic Pluralism website for educators: a project that led to her clarifying the concept of an individual's naturalistic worldview as distinct from societal association with religion or nonreligion. As co-founder of the Brights initiative's educational focus on a broader civic identity for those who hold a worldview free of supernatural and mystical elements, she now coordinates the staff and activities at "Brights Central."