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Out of God's Closet: This Priest Psychologist Chooses Friendly Atheism

Author: Stephen Frederick Uhl
ISBN-10: 0979316936
ISBN-13: 978-0979316937
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Book Description

Out of God's Closet: This Priest Psychologist Chooses Friendly Atheism shows how the author got really free and how readers can enjoy the same freedom to be proud, happy, planetary neighbors. Generous sprinkling of earthy humor richly seasons this revolutionary book for enjoyable spiritual nourishment.

This book could have been titled The Book of Tolerance. The Psychologist author recognizes that every child learns a lot of traditions and beliefs when too young to evaluate them. Such prejudices are very deeply ingrained into the subconscious. They are difficult to overcome even in our adult years of further experience and education. (Dr. Uhl was already in his 30s when he finally got free; many people never get free.)

Each person grows up and learns to analyze and think critically at different rates. Even in the same family one sibling may remain opinionated and prejudiced, stuck in the past, while another thoughtfully unlearns childhood myths and becomes a broadminded adult ready for comfortable planetary friendships.

Therefore, tolerance of such differing rates of learning and unlearning is necessary for civilized peace in a pluralistic society. Such friendly understanding comes easy for the friendly atheist living under the new Golden Rule: Treat others as you would reasonably want and expect to be treated if your roles were reversed. '... and our world will be better for this...'

About the Author

After 11 years in the Catholic priesthood, Dr. Uhl followed his agnostic conscience, left the Church and became a family psychologist. Much of his joy and success in his psychological practice came from helping his clients deal with their guilt and superstition-based fears. He wrote his recent book, Out of God's Closet: This Priest Psychologist Chooses Friendly Atheism, to help others set aside childhood superstitions, come out of the musty closet of fear and guilt and enjoy the sunshine of reality-based compassionate love of planetary neighbors. He is retired and lives in Oro Valley, Arizona, with his wife of 42 years.

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