The Brights' Evolution Poster Project:
“Earth and Life: changes over time”

—a special initiative promoting sound science education

Teacher’s Request Form and Agreement

Poster sponsorships by Brights and others who back sound science enable The Brights’ Net to supply wall posters FREE to high school science teachers* who agree to post and use the poster to enhance their teaching of evolution to students.

Instructions to Applicant:
  1. Please carefully examine the pictorial to gauge its usefulness to your teaching (view here)
  2. Assess its suitability for posting (i.e., consider the size dimensions and your classroom setting; can you place the poster so that students can engage the information at eye level?)

Please remember:
We're distributing these posters on a first-come, first-serve basis. At this moment in time, we are limiting requests to one poster per school. If you'd like to obtain additional posters for your department, please send us an email.

Apply at the JotForm Poster Apply Site

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