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The Brights' Forum is the place to discuss the Brights' endeavor with other Brights. Of course, one must remember that all participants are speaking for themselves as individuals, and not for other Brights, or for the Brights’ constituency as a whole.

Brights Community Clusters

A Brights Community Cluster (BCC) is a local or regional group of brights dedicated to the aims and principles of the Brights movement.

Bumping into Brights (Online)

There are numerous Internet sites where Brights communicate or congregate (e.g., Facebook, Twitter).

Brights-Friendly Meetups

In some cities, brights can use Meetup to get acquainted with other brights.  Meetup groups get together at a public location (like a coffee house).  All arrangements are made through, which is not a function of the Bright's Net.  There is generally a nominal charge related to Meetups groups.  Go to the Brights-friendly Meetups page for more information on Meetup Groups near you.

Other Brights Sites

Brights in Korea, France, Germany, Canada, Italy, Japan, Spanish (international) have independently established websites to present information about the movement in a language other than English. Despite their “unofficial” status, the listed sites do appear generally consistent with our aims and help fortify the movement by making it accessible to persons in other languages. None of these sites, however, is a “mirror” (direct translation) of site and The Brights’ Net has neither directed nor participated in their development.

Web Site: Translation

The Google WebSite translation service may be helpful. It will in most cases mechanically translate the entire website to a number of different languages.

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