Brights' Sound Bites

It is possible to capture some meaningful notions in "bumper-sticker terms." As many of these sayings evidence, some Brights take a bit of pride in a worldview that is free of supernaturalism and hopeful for humanity.

BRIGHTS -- casting a positive image on secular views
(Nashville, Tennessee, Brights MeetUp)

All over the world and right next door

Kindness is human.  Nothing supernatural required

I'm A Bright, And I Vote!

From the Enlightenment to the Enbrightenment

Morality without superstition

The magic of life is precisely that there is no magic

The Brights: Removing the super from supernatural

Believing is fine, thinking is better

The Brights--Rekindling the Light of the Enlightenment!

Belief without proof is no virtue. Insisting on proof is no vice

Rational thinking in an irrational world

From the people who brought you the Enlightenment

The need for critical thinking is becoming critical, I'm thinking

Nature to Life to Nature - The Perfect Cycle

Better Living through Reason

Toward the new era of enlightenment

100% natural.  No added superstition

To believe is common, to think is divine

The Incredible Credible Brightness of Being

The Brights' Net: The Chance of a Lifetime - Don't Myth It

Free Thought is Priceless

Lighten up — Brighten Up!

Turn up the Brightness

The natural world is super, not supernatural

Brights—For the new era of enlightenment

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