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There are now Brights in 185 nations. This website serves as a hub for Internet communications and for coordinated actions among activists in the constituency. Brights can pursue the overall aims independently (in suggested arenas of action), volunteer their time and expertise on specific projects, cooperate in constituencies for local activism, or provide monetary support to the overall endeavor. The discussion forum facilitates communication among constituents, whether they are simply sharing experiences as they become more outspoken about having a naturalistic worldview or seriously pressing some sort of engagement in civic affairs. The Brights' Net occasionally announces “Brighten Opportunities” whereby interested constituents can pursue individual actions consistent with the civic aims. Also, as resources permit, the organization pursues ways for Brights who feel isolated and alone to perhaps learn differently, thereby offering a means for local group formation if concentrations of other Brights are nearby. The organization may also cooperate at national and international levels with various other groups to boost social and political influence of persons who have a naturalistic outlook.

Register as a Bright

This is a simple step for anyone who decides his/her worldview is free of supernatural or mystical deities, forces, and entities. Sign up if you fit the definition, and thereby add one more person to the growing constituency of Brights.


The Brights’ Network offers varied ways you can take part in the overall endeavor, both as an individual, and in volunteer collaboration with other Brights.

Support the Brights

The Brights’ Network organization is sustained by its constituents and dedicated to the aims you see on the home page. It will move forward as quickly as resources permit, so if you support the vision, please help to propel the movement forward by means of your own generosity.

Action Concepts

Brights can through their own activities help to advance the civic acceptance the naturalistic worldview. Traditional patterns often constrain, so avail yourself of other possibilities. Plan constructive civic ways to present yourself, particularly in casual exchanges and in such domains as commerce, politics, education and service.

The Action

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