Organized Activities

The Brights’ Net initiates and coordinates various projects in which Brights can participate and contribute their talents in ways that go beyond inviting others who have a naturalistic worldview to learn about the Brights. Volunteers may take on leadership roles in areas where they have expertise and interest, planning and conducting projects together with those who have a shared focal concern and/or similar know-how.

Action Arenas

Constituents have recommended a diverse array of undertakings to promote the civic aims on the home page. The Brights’ Net drew together all the various alternatives, identifying three broad arenas for emphasis. (Several of secondary interest are identified but not posted.) Polling of the constituency in late 2004 firmly established the first priority (Action Arena #1). Across the next few years, the Brights’ hub will specify ways a constituent can get involved and apply his/her talents within a series of projects taking place

Special Initiative Groups (SIGs)

The Brights’ Net forms SIGs for select situations (most generally involving some type or degree of interaction with organizations). Brights may “sign into a SIG” in order to pursue its clear-cut goal in unison and in an explicit manner with other Brights. To remain operative, a SIG must stay well aligned with the overall aims and principles of The Brights’ Net. A Brights Action SIG does not represent The Brights’ Net or the constituency of Brights, only its specific raison d’être and membership

Task Teams

Task teams offer a means for constituents to collegially accomplish a defined project task. In most cases, the labor and expense of the defined project become the responsibility of a group of volunteers motivated by the project task itself. Usually, The Brights’ Net identifies the task and calls for volunteers to perform the project, but projects may also be spurred by a volunteer leader who, with assistance from Brights Central, can obtain colleagues for the enterprise.





Organized Activities

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