Special Initiative Groups

The Brights’ Net sometimes identifies a category of action for which a subgroup of the constituency should be constituted with its own label.

Brights can “sign into the SIG” and designate themselves participants in the specific initiative in order to bolster the explicit goal(s) or pursue action(s) for which the SIG is formed and they are qualified. The “members” act in unison (and in a precise manner) with other Brights. This method allows The Brights’ Net at any time to report out the number of persons who are “members” of a Brights Action SIG.

Each Brights Action SIG formed will have a well-defined purpose. (It may be a project well aligned with the overall aims that entails some level of association or cooperation with other organizations or entities.) If the initiative involves ongoing activities, rather than single action, it will also have a defined mechanism for communication and action. SIGs may or may not have a leader or leadership team, depending on the nature of the initiative. Membership may or may not be limited to a particular national citizenship or other criterion.

SIG #1
Brights Action SCA

Endorse the mission statement of the Secular Coalition for America.

SIG #2
Brights Action CSS

Take a forceful stance in support of authentic science and science education.

SIG #3
Brights Action SRG

Stand for a robust demarcation between government and religion.

SIG #4
Brights Action HCI

Further ties with supers having the same heritage or community identity.




Special Initiative Groups, Brights Action:

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