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Blogging by Brights - Overview

The Blog

The Brights’ Net blog, BloggingBrights, hosts a few contributors from the constituency at large. The contributors write as individuals on topics of interest to them, while authoring from an overall perspective of having a naturalistic worldview, free of supernatural and mystical elements.

Popular Blog Articles

What's a Flower For? If you wonder what the big deal is about flowers and their beauty, might your anomalous limbic system be to blame?
Belief The way evidence and reason are used in religion and science is very different, and so is the meaning of “belief”.
12 Ways to Raise a Savvy Skeptic Activities for raising skeptical, mindful, rational, creative kids.
Teaching the Good in Godless Can nonreligious parents find community support to help develop children’s moral character? Where?
Are You Secular, or Secularish? Perhaps being secular-ish can be more positive than hardline secularism.

Interested in blogging?

The Brights’ Net is amenable to hosting to blog a small number of Brights whose interests are well aligned with the overall intent of the site and who can issue soundly based opinions.

General Blogging Guidance

Individual bloggers may post on topics of interest as long as their work aligns with the vision and aims of The Brights’ Network. Brights Central has the right to remove posts that are not consistent with its posting guidelines.

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