General Blogging Guidance

The Brights’ Net, as host of BloggingBrights, retains editing privilege to the blog site.

Individual bloggers may post on topics of interest as long as their work aligns with the vision and aims of The Brights’ Network. Brights Central has the right to remove posts that are not consistent with its posting guidelines. The guidelines are a mix of constraints and values regarding the following general topics:

Original and unique content

No copyright infringement

Constructive and substantive material

Individualistic point of view

Security and privacy

Edification and persuasion

Scope and Emphasis

Civic pluralism ideals

Logistics ideals

Brights Central’s “Blogging Guidelines” is a separate document that amplifies each of the above categories. It supplies explanatory guidance that the author can rely on for authoring posts.

The Guidelines text is made available prior to an individual formally enrolling to blog. The file is provided for consideration at the point when the applicant’s proposal to be a regular blogger has been accepted. The wording of that detailed document is generally sufficient to use as a checklist (a helpful aid prior to submitting a post for approval).

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