A “Messaging Special”

Free Sticker with Bonus Items

Brights Central has received a supply of stickers bearing the "Step Forward for Civic Equality" image shown below. These stickers are waterproof, so they can be used outdoors, such as on an automobile bumper. Perhaps you would like one for your own car or scooter or bicycle?

Even if you don't want to plaster a sticker on your place of locomotion, there may be a place in your locale where citizens can view the website URL on a sticker. Is there?

During May and while supplies last, Brights Central will send you one of the new Step Forward stickers at no cost if you will display it in a spot where others will have the opportunity to view it.

Ask for your FREE sticker right away and, along with the sticker, we will mail a more complete set of items as a bonus. May's "message pack" includes a FREE "No Supernatural Ingredients" window cling (the static cling decal usually costs $2) along with other light-weight items.

Due to variations in postage costs, the process for acquiring these items varies.

Waterproof Sticker, Free
Static Window Cling, Free

NOTE: We are hoping that American Brights will help pay the international postage so we can provide stickers and clings to those outside the USA as well as those within it. Hence, there are two different routes to obtaining the items, depending on where you live.

Within the USA

If you live in the United States, we extend the FREE offer only to those Brights who will mail their request by postal mail.

Send a self-addressed stamped #10 envelope to Brights Central.
Attn: STICKER, The Brights’ Net, P O Box 163418, Sacramento CA 95816 USA

We will use the envelope to send the sticker and, during May, also enclose a static cling and other light weight items. (Maximum weight for offer is 3 oz.; more is treated as a parcel.)
US postage for #10 envelope: 1 oz.= $0.45; 2 oz.=$0.65; 3 oz. = $0.85

Brights Help Brights with Messaging

We also ask that you consider enclosing a dollar or two ($1 or $2) along with the envelope to get your “FREE” sticker and “FREE” cling. This donation is not to pay for the items. (They are being provided at no cost to you during May if you have stamped your envelope.)

Rather, the donation enables BC to also send items to Brights outside the USA who want them. (Mailing a sticker and cling to most nations is US $1.05, so each dollar you enclose enables a fellow Bright somewhere else in the world to receive this free sticker/cling offer.

With these kind gifts of support from American Brights, all of us can spread the idea that social acceptance and civic equality for the naturalistic worldview is the focus of the Brights initiative.

Outside the United States

If you live outside the USA and want to obtain a sticker to display, you may email your request to the-brights@the-brights.net and put STICKER in the subject line.

Type your name and postal address, and we use it to mail you a sticker along with a bonus cling and other items up to an ounce of weight.

This offer internationally is being funded entirely by actions of the American Brights above (to the extent that their envelopes contain a bit extra to pay postage). BC will be able to continue to supply the items internationally as long as adequate flow of postage money rolls in.



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