An Overall View for Newcomers

It is desirable that each person who is new to the "Bright idea" will learn enough from the available Web material to accurately represent the topic (whether it is the Brights movement or The Brights’ Network) whenever it arises. There are many misconceptions out there deserving correction.

Exploring the Site

For better understanding of the endeavor taken as a whole, here are some suggestions you may wish to consider, along with links to key spots in this website.

  1. If you haven't yet gotten very far into the site material, the vision statement and synopsis and tagline are good places to start.
  2. Pay special attention to the movement's overall emphasis: moving away from being defined and toward defining oneself, and how you might choose to reflect this shift (with less attention to dominant religion and more attention to citizen status) in your own actions
  3. Then head for the videos, principles (especially #s 1 & 8), and the communication policies (these are worth taking time to ponder).
  4. Perhaps you will see ways you can contribute to the movement’s overall aims somehow -- doing something (in your own sphere of influence) that aligns with some of the individual activities, especially the priority action arenas that you deem worthy.
  5. If you cannot see something useful you want to do just yet, then we would welcome your support in helping to “spread the visibility” and/or being a financial supporter to sustain the communications network for the benefit of Brights in the constituency who want to connect by Internet, including those who like to discuss contemporary issues on the international forum.

How to Proceed

Activities by Brights (when they are acting as Brights) need to be consistent with the stated aims and principles.

Recall the tag line atop most pages of the website? (illuminate and elevate the naturalistic worldview)

In keeping with the Brights’ principles, participants and activists are urged to carry on in ways they think likely to lift the standing of the others (all those who have a naturalistic worldview). This generally involves employing what are normally viewed as affirmative social and communications approaches.

One way to fortify the naturalistic worldview in society is to personally exhibit it as appropriate occasions arise. Also, Brights are probably more likely to enhance or build opportunities in society for greater civic participation by other brights (of any stripe) if they are identifying and engaging in constructive activities within their own spheres of influence.

“Brights Central”

In effect, The Brights’ Net (a nonprofit organization) is engaged in an educational endeavor to inform others about the stated aims and principles of the Brights movement. This hub (“BC”) is located in California, USA and operates solely on donations by Brights themselves.

In addition to receiving and responding to queries, helping to connect Brights in local clusters where such is feasible, producing monthly information bulletins and continually adding to the website as incoming resources permit, BC can offer very limited guidance for some targeted volunteer projects.

The “Brights’ Forum”

Forum discussions are not restricted to Brights, and so participation in discussions there necessitates a separate registration process from your recent registration into the constituency.

An Important Reminder

This registry is a constituency of individuals, and the Brights movement is a civic justice endeavor.

All constituents - in their different circumstances and ways – have said that there is a need to try to improve the civic standing of people who have a naturalistic worldview.

There will be varied actions, but the purpose of individual actions (and of collaborations among Brights) is intended to be more civic than philosophical or ideological. There is no dogma. Nor is there easy categorization by beliefs or values or recognizable religions or nonreligious distinctions.


The Action

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