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Beyond the Age of Mythology

Author/Illustrator: Lynn Dewey (pen name of Oklahoma author)
To Purchase: Print / eBook
ISBN: 9781604817539 (Print) or 978-1-4523-5603-7 (eBook)


Worn out over the God debate? Here is a serious attempt to project what a mature civilization could look like in a society that fulfills, provides purpose, and eliminates most personal problems without the use of supernatural mythologies. It is time to begin thinking about people living in reality and how that could enable meaning, purpose, and enjoying life.

This Sci-Fi takes travelers to far distant alien worlds to see how it all works. These people are mature individuals who are wide awake in reality. Becoming a beyonder is what this book is all about (and is also what so many Brights are all about). It is being "Beyond" the ubiquitous brainwashing of "you are not worthy" and you are born a sinner".

Not the least of the adventure is meeting a love interest who is an eight foot tall bird-like creature. Her name is Pearl .

About the author:

Lynn Dewey is a graduate in Computer Science, retired from Postal Service with career in engineering and management. He is a pilot, author, house builder, and widely traveled in Western Europe and North America . He and his wife of 49 years now enjoy their two daughters and two grandkids. Being a Beyonder is great.

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