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Cowardly New World

Author: William W Morgan
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ISBN-: 1-4196-2610-8


This books explains why we—Homo sapiens—have never solved even one of our basic societal problems. Why instead they become ever-more endemic and intractable. Why we will never be able to solve any of our societal problems, and we continue inexorably toward non-viability as a specie. Unless we get rid of our societal system based on coercion.

The reason lies in the laws of Darwin and Galambos. The fact that our societal system requires its victims to seek to contravene or subvert those laws of nature under which we evolved as a thinking specie. And which govern our natural behavior as a thinking specie.

Further, the book does what is normally thought to be impossible. Proves that something can not exist. That something is that god can not exist. It also explains the origin of the concept of a god or gods in an evolving, thinking specie. That this is natural but must later be dispensed with.

No thinking specie that maintains a societal system based on coercion, and the concept of a god or gods, will ever be able to acquire the technological ability to engage in interstellar travel. The society will self-destruct first. As we are in the process of doing.

This book provides the solution for that problem.

About the Author

Morgan grew up on a ranch in California, with first memories of helping his grandfather drive cattle from the ranch to the railhead. Of a man who was independent and had job security. A master blacksmith, carpenter, cowboy and rationally and morally acting individual. Totally in charge of his life, accepting responsibility for the rightness of his actions.

Morgan has degrees in Physics and International Management. Has lived & worked in 10 different countries, traveling to many others. Responsibilities from individual engineer to managing director. Technical disciplines ranging from radio, radar and computers to medical devices to the commercial airline business.

In 1971 his world line intersected with that of Andrew J Galambos. From whom he learned history and how to think. Although having understood the end result of politics in 1957. That it would inevitably lead to “Government Without End”. A societal system under which we can never solve any of our societal problems. Which is leading us—Homo sapiens—to non-viability as specie.

But now understanding the single, simple cause for all our societal problems. And the cure.

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