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McGhee in the Gloaming

McGhee in the Gloaming book cover

Author: Bob Hazy
ISBN-10: 0997541504
ISBN-13: 978-0997541502
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In a modernist approach reminiscent of James Joyce’s Ulysses, McGhee in the Gloaming chronicles the meandering life of the narrator, Fran McGhee. In travels from Alaska to New Orleans, Dublin to Istanbul, he searches for purpose and seeks to exorcise the ghosts from his past, come to terms with his missed potential, and examine the mortal condition itself. Throughout these adventures McGhee engages theological discussions, advocating for a naturalistic and humanistic perspective. Brights interested in these topics are directed to chapters Confessions in the Gloaming and A Dublin Homily in particular.

Through a series of pivotal episodes, McGhee constructs “the meaningful day” of his life, stitching together the people and events which have defined his trajectory. Together, these moments detail personal loss, death, spiritual grappling, and an emerging understanding of himself that drives him to realize his need to be a writer. Ultimately these stories transcend specific events and locales to reveal timeless truths we all face. 

McGhee delves into the deep existential questions that can eat away at us, showing how chance encounters shape the answers that we find. This expansive and imaginative piece is, above all, an epic tale of the ebb and flow that comprises a personal history and defines what it means to be alive. 

About the Author

Bob Hazy is a writer inspired by the works of Melville, Steinbeck, Hemingway, and Dostoevsky. He studied literature at Yale University earning a BA and also holds a MS in computer science from Stevens. Although Bob built a career in information technology leadership and is currently an independent consultant, his real love is writing. He lives in the foothills of the Sierra in Northern California with his son, Nathan, and their dog, Gus. 

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