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Seeing Myself: The New Science of Out-of-body Experiences

Seeing Myself book cover

Author: Susan Blackmore
ISBN-10: 1472137361
ISBN-13: 978-1472137364
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The 21st century has seen important advances regarding understanding of out-of-body experiences. Everything changed when, quite by accident, a Swiss neurosurgeon discovered the site in the brain that can induce and even control an out-of-body occurrence. Now that we have the availability of new technology (fMRI scanning and transcranial magnetic stimulation), we can now understand. We can now, with virtual reality headsets, induce out-of-body illusions. What a change in just a few years. No longer does the phenomenon occupy the fringes. We have uncovered another of the mysteries of the self and consciousness.

About the Author

After extraordinary experiences as a student she devoted her life to research in parapsychology, only to discover no evidence for the paranormal. She then worked with skeptical organizations in the UK and USA, and became a vociferous critic of paranormal claims in the media. Formerly a Reader in Psychology at the University of the West of England, Bristol, she is now a freelance writer and lecturer. Her books include several on the paranormal, as well as The Meme Machine, and a textbook Consciousness: An Introduction. She campaigns for the legalization of all drugs, has been practicing Zen for thirty years, and is an atheist interested in developing naturalistic theories of mystical and spiritual experiences.

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