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We Hold These Truths: Deconstructing What we believe to be Reality

We Hold These Truths: Deconstructing What we believe to be Reality book cover

Author: Chris Volkay
ISBN-10: 1461062403
ISBN-13: 978-1461062400
To Purchase: Amazon US / Amazon UK


We all live our lives largely in illusion. To some this may not seem to bad, considering what reality is. The only problem with all of this pretending is that these illusions serve to keep us weak, sniveling, constantly on our knees, losing our money, losing our time, losing our minds and even losing our lives.

What does this book cover? All of the usual suspects; politics, government, religion, love, marriage, our amazing culture, the paranormal, conspiracy theories, you name it.

First I outline the problems, then offer some solutions.

Deconstructing what we've invented to be our reality isn't always pleasant or easy, but is a journey that is well worth taking.

About the Author

Chris Volkay is a longtime atheist, freethinker and Bright.

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