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What It Is or How I Learned to Love The Whale

Author: James H. Dautremont, J.D.
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Herman Melville was a seminal Bright, albeit not by that name. He was a proponent of realism when realism was considered evil by most Americans. He had the courage and wisdom to write and publish Moby Dick in an age when the concepts contained therein were considered iconoclastic and against most everything that the benighted society he lived in held dear.

This monograph gives an easy-to-read exposition of a wide spectrum, but by no means all, of the issues with which Melville dared to grapple. It shows that Melville was a visionary, 200 years ahead of his time. It helps the reader to get started on appreciating the brilliance of Melville and the insight that he had pertaining to the real human condition. It puts Moby Dick once again in its rightful place as the Great American Novel, because Moby Dick tells it like it really is – that our society’s religious beliefs only cloud and inhibit the search for truth and understanding of reality. This monograph challenges the reader to not only face the realities that Melville portrays, but also to take personal action to seek to implement a society based on reality and social justice in replacement of our current society that is based mainly on delusion and greed.

About the Author

James H. Dautremont has been an engineer, a soldier, a lawyer, and a college professor of technical writing and law. He holds three degrees from The University of Michigan, where he first learned about facing reality. He is a husband of 41 years, a father of a philosopher and of an artist, a grandfather, a dedicated Melvillian, and a committed Bright. His goal in writing this volume is to help to advance the Bright movement worldwide.

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