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Not entirely sure I'm comfortable with the word "bright" as a noun any more than I am entirely happy with the use of the word gay and it's connotations today but hey, I'm way free of religion and I don't even accept the concept of supernatural.  James UK

About time! Not sure this is an idea whose time has come, in view of the apparent takeover of the US by a group of Texan fundamentalist extremists, but the very formation of the net will I hope encourage reason to prevail.  Ken, UK

I'm a skeptic on the power of a coined term to change the world. But we do need to become more vocal, as a counter to the mass of mindless religiosity that has an undue political influence in the US.  Daniel, USA

This will be interesting to watch. Do brights have sufficient motivation [are we even close to possessing what gays drew from?] to make this word fly? Personally, I expect to fear the perception that I am being an elitist calling my self bright - but we'll see.      Clare, Canada

The word will take a while to get used to but it IS rather catchy. Can't wait to use it!  Vicky, USA

This could just work! After all, the appropriation of the word "gay" by homosexuals was initially contrived. I would, however, point out that the reason gays are happy to identify themselves as a special label is that they feel part of a (often ostracised) small minority. That is not currently the case with atheists (in the UK anyway) and will hopefully not be the case in future. Indeed, atheists may soon be in the majority in Europe, whereas this is extremely unlikely in the case of gays. So while I support your aims, I do have some doubts about whether atheists would (or should) be willing to describe themselves as "brights".  Ralph, UK

I really like the idea of being a "Bright"; I am a little concerned about the possibility of being perceived as arrogant. Perhaps as the movement grows, this issue may need to be looked into. For now, let's let the light shine!  Jan, USA

I don't think we will impress anyone with this game of semantics, but it's worth trying anyway. I am honored to call myself a bright.  Alex, USA

In the Sixties there was a movment to call heterosexuals "Grims." Hijacking words isn't easy Ed, Canada

I welcome the idea but am less enthusiastic about the name which, although accessible, manages to come across as simultaneously sounding both frivolous and arrogant! However having no suggestion for an alternative, I hope it starts the ball rolling, or maybe more appropriately, the light shining.  Mark, UK

When I first heard about this idea I thought it was a bit silly. I still sort of do but I certainly don't want help defeat it... I have no problem of using the "A" word but this would be a bit more inclusive. The only thing I am really concerned about is the potential perception of arrogance in this term.  Jeff, USA

Hmm. I'll sign up for grins, though I'm a bit skeptical of the future of this. For instance, continuously drawing comparisons with 'gay' doesn't necessarily get you many points with any side. Women's liberation didn't need to coopt a word. If someone you know is only a little naturalistic, are thay a lite bright or a bright lite? Wouldn't a natural opposite to someone with a naturalistic worldview be a super-naturalistic worldview, and therefore super-bright?  David, USA

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