On Speaking Out as Brights

Policy #5:

Only when products evince full accord with this general communications policy will authors and collaborators be equipped to look to The Brights’ Net hub for assistance in speaking more broadly (e.g., garnering support from additional constituents, promoting extensively).

Some products written or produced in collaborations may have strong potential to further the civic action goals of the Bright movement. When items show promise, the creators can and should submit their material to broader review. There are avenues being developed by which authors and collaborators can, for certain types of items, endeavor to accumulate a sizeable constituent endorsement and/or the editorial imprimatur of The Brights’ Net .

If not already employed, the Brights’ Forum (Action Forum) offers the creator(s) one avenue for an item to receive refinement and and perhaps strengthen its vocal force (by garnering endorsement of additional Brights). This is only one avenue, however. The Co-directors can suggest other means available.

Further guidance specifying details regarding how authors of material might best access and interface with the formal functions of the Brights’ Net hub (e.g., Web site, Bulletins, Forum, etc.) will be provided in a separate document.

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Policy As Regards Statements and Publications

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