Action Arena #3:
Media & Method


Consider that, once the public consciousness was raised on such matters as sexism and racism, the press and media have done much to induce more general societal fairness all around. Perhaps the reverse might serve as strategy. What if Brights were to take aim at key facets of the “industry” of news and entertainment? It might be that we could begin to awaken those involved in that particular enterprise to society’s rampant “faithism” (so to speak). Certain influential people might be goaded to spurn a form of bias (reinforced by language) that casts persons of “no faith” into a situation of not being welcome at the civic table. We may have among us influential Brights who could and would toil to institute recognition of a new form of political correctness. If not, the job is for us regular folks.

Today’s media mirror our society and reflect and reinforce its cultural attributes, good or bad. The media, however, are also likely to be our key to change for the better.

Action Arena #3:

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