The Brights' Net Nonprofit Status

U.S. Internal Revenue Service Statement of Determination

For U.S. residents, it may be pertinent that the Internal Revenue Service has determined that donations to The Brights' Net are exempt from federal taxes.

IRS Notice

The Brights' Net is listed on GuideStar - The National Database of Nonprofit Organizations

General Directions for Retrieving Information from GuideStar:

  1. Go to
  2. In the search box type [brights net] and click
  3. Click The Brights' Net (in the search engine box at the left)
  4. Basic information about the Brights' Net appears with the "General Info" button (center)
  5. To review the general nonprofit financial statement you must register in GuideStar (this is free and simple). The U.S. IRS Form 990 in GuideStar presents digitized data from 2006-2009 and can be viewed with a premium GuideStar registration.

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