Essays on the Brights

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Essays by Brights Central

Considering the Confines of Atheism

A Constituency of Brights . . . Period

Who Are the Brights?

Shedding Light on "Brights"

The Civic Value of an Umbrella

Nixing "Nonbelief"—The Brights

NPR Commentary by Steven Waldman and
The Brights' Response

Essays by Others

The World is in Need of Influential Brights
by Florian Aigner

A Meme for Activism - Open and Free!
by Marvin Long, Jr.

Why Bother with the Brights?
by Marvin Long, Jr.

The Future Looks Bright
by Richard Dawkins
in The Guardian

The Bright Stuff
by Daniel Dennett
in New York Times

Two "Brights" Side by Side
by Dennett vs. Good
an open letter by Good to Dennett, and Dennett's rejoinder

Let There Be Brights
by Richard Dawkins
in Wired Magazine

A Look On the Bright Side Of
Social and Religious Issues

by Marilyn LaCourt
as featured in CNI's "At Ease"

A Brights Idea
by Sharon Tubbs
in St. Petersburg (FL) Times

The future is oh-so non-adjectivally bright
by Ruth Wajnryb
in The Sydney Morning Herald

A Bright New World
by Erik Strand
in Psychology Today

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