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Infrequent "BrightenOp" messages invite you, as an individual, to take a timely action. The nature of any suggested action will vary (reactive or proactive, critical or complimentary), but in all cases it is the providing of the opportunity to act that is seen as constructive. BrightenOps will generally relate to current events and require lively action to be of any use. A BrightenOp supplies a means for individual Brights to act. It does not reflect a position of The Brights' Net or of the full constituency of Brights.


As a U.S. nonprofit educational organization, The Brights' Net cannot engage in political actions - such as supporting one political party over another, or promoting one candidate over another. (That is something for you, as an independent Bright, to do!)

What The Brights Net can lawfully do is provide you with material to consider, and with incentive to act in ways that advance overall aims of the Brights movement.

This BrightenOp is a postcard drive directed at political candidates and elected officials. It lets them know that there are citizens out in the electorate (specifically - you) who have a naturalistic worldview, free of supernatural and mystical forces, and are watching and listening to them. 

Postcards to Politicians - An Individual Action Project

The Brights' Spring 2008 "Knock, Knock / We are here! Project" is underway with an issue of likely concern to many Brights. These Brights send a pre-printed card to as many politicians as possible, saying in effect, "I'm as mad as hell and I'm not going to take this anymore!"- but, of course, saying it in a very polite way.

The Brights' Net has printed up 5,000 very attractive postcards aimed at politicians. It will supply more as needed, as many as will be used to the purpose!

To set the stage, the address side of the card has a small Brights' icon and these words:

"Knock, Knock, Who's there? - We are here! And we can VOTE ( or NOT )"

The reverse side states:

"I am in a position to vote - I want to vote. However, it seems that politicians do not recognize that I exist. At least no one running for office is talking about my issues. I am a citizen who has a naturalistic worldview, and I care very much about separation of religion and government. I am concerned about what has happened to church/state separation in recent years.

I will be listening to what you say during the coming election season. If I don't hear you speaking about my issues, I simply cannot cast my vote in your direction. Let me hear you speaking up on this issue. I want to know if you care, too."

If you (basically) agree with the stance on the card, then order up some cards and send them on their way! Cards are free to you, but they do cost us, so please mail all that you obtain.

As the supply of cards dwindles, Brights Central will print more.

The more Brights who swing into action on this project, the more elected officials at all levels (also candidates for office) will be made aware that a sizable segment of the citizenry is no longer content to be systematically ignored.

Steps to Act

1. Commit to sending a definite number of cards, and order them by email

  2. Mail cards to the PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGNS

(The main postal addresses are listed on the webpage.)


(Use easy locator links on the webpage for U.S. senators and representatives, state governors, and state legislators; choose those you wish to target; carry through!)

Start by viewing the postcards and supplementary action material on the website at:



Comments on the project should be directed to: the-brights@the-brights.net

Suggestions for additional postcard messages will be considered.

Bright Regards

Mynga Futrell & Paul Geisert

Co-directors of The Brights' Net

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