Teacher Comments

The remarks below are from science teachers who are including instruction about evolutionary changes on earth in their high school courses. It is clear from their feedback that the science teachers view the Earth and Life: changes over time wall poster as a genuine resource. (It is considered a helpful accompaniment to their instructional programs, not merely a visible resource for display in their classrooms.)

Note: Each teacher had succesfully applied by mail for the classroom wall poster. The teachers generally emailed rather promptly to acknowledge receipt of their poster, but if Brights Central had not received such acknowledgment after a month, staff emailed to inquire whether a poster had indeed arrived. Beyond acknowledgement and general expression of gratitude, many teachers added spontaneous comments indicating a degree of enthusiasm accompanied the reception.

It is hoped that science advocates, and not just Brights, will support this project and enable The Brights’ Net to continue to supply these Earth and Life: changes over time wall posters to more teachers. The uniformly positive remarks received so far indicate that many additional teachers will value and use the poster if forthcoming project support is adequate.*

The poster has been an awesome addition to my classroom. Just last week, we started a unit on Earth's History in my Earth Science class and it was great to be able to point out and use the poster as reference during our class discussions.

I laminated it, and I have it hanging under my "burning questions" bulletin board.  I use the poster all the time.  I used it just last week when students began to understand conservation of energy and matter.  I could actually point to the big bang on the poster. It was so cool!

The poster is relevant to all the subjects that I teach: Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

I refer to it all the time when teaching about Geologic time and Evolution.  Thanks for this amazing resource.

We use this with our high school classes and teacher professional development to support teachers to know and understand how to better teach evolution to students.

I am so happy to have this resource.  It really improves student learning.

The poster is prominently displayed in my classroom.  It is a great resource for students.  Thank you. 

I have hung the poster in the hallway outside my classroom.  It generates a good amount of discussion simply based on what students read on the poster when walking through the hall.  I also use it as an introduction hook for my unit on evolution.

I have the students do a scavenger hunt using the poster to gain an idea of the scale of time that we are talking about…  Thanks for the poster!

I have received the poster- it is Amazing and I plan to use it TODAY and regularly in my Biology Classes and then later this spring in my freshman physical science classes!  Thank you.

Thank you - I received it, and it is now in our laminating office awaiting laminating so it may last/and be used for many years to come. Thanks again!

Thank you so much for the poster. It is fabulous. I had it laminated and have the perfect spot between a lab counter and the cabinets above it. I really do appreciate the Brights for offering this to teachers.

I received the evolution poster today. It is awesome... It will be nice to show the students a scale of evolution. Most don't understand how long the earth has been around before humans evolved. I plan on keeping it up all year but moving it to the front of the room during the unit on evolution.

Received your high quality poster.  Evolution comes in Feb/March and fortunately, our district supports our ability to teach this core with no excuses and no shirking.  Thanks!

This is an idea I have wanted to put on a poster for a long time. Thank you for doing it. It is mounted on the front wall above the white board, so my students see it every day. And as we are just starting our evolution unit I will be using it!

I need to send a picture. We are just now discussing Geology and Earth's history and I plan on having the students utilize this picture. Give me a couple of weeks!! I love it!

Thank you very much for your role in bringing this poster to classrooms. I plan on using it as a "center" from which students can get information to contribute to a larger project. With gratitude,

I received my poster this morning. I cannot wait to find a way to include it into our evolution unit. I’ll let you know if I come up with something brilliant.

Thank you so much. I received this in the mail today. I can't wait to get it flattened out so I can hang it up.

I received my poster at the beginning of this week and it is absolutely awesome! I have been showing it around to my colleagues and they are very jealous. You may receive a few more requests :)

My hope is to laminate it very soon and use it in my classroom, especially during the evolution section.

As I returned to school today, I found my evolution poster waiting for me. Thank you so much for your dedication to science education! When I have it laminated and on the wall I will email a picture.

YES, I did receive my wonderful, awesome, amazingly detailed poster and it is on my wall as we speak. I have laminated it and it will be a part of my classroom all year long. I actually have three separate, to scale timelines (1000 years, geologic, and cosmic) on my back wall and we add pictures to them all year. But yours is everything I ever wanted in a timeline all in one! I LOVE that it shows the location of the continents throughout time. I have found that students know about Pangea and the current locations, but don't have an understanding of what happened before and since Pangea.

I really love every aspect of the poster! The only criticism would be the size of the pictures/words. I have found that you can really only see it clearly up close. I reference it all the time and I think it is hard for my students not sitting right beside it to see what I am talking about. If I could change anything about it I would make it 2-3 times bigger.

But please know I really do love the poster and am so happy to have it! I can't thank the Brights enough for making such a relevant and educational poster and for making it free of charge to teachers! Thanks for all that you do!

Thank you for sending the "Earth and Life: changes over time" wall poster. I received it last week and put it up on my wall last Wednesday and have already had students commenting on it. We will be discussing evolution after spring break (we are finishing up with DNa/Genetics/Heredity currently) and it will be great to have such a wonderful visual in the classroom.

This morning, I have received the beautiful poster! Thank you so much! It will be used often! Additionally, I have forward your message to many colleagues!

I did receive the poster and absolutely love it! Literally within minutes of opening it, it was the topic of discussion in class. Every time my students look at it, they notice something more which leads to more discussion! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I received the poster yesterday. My students and I love it. As soon as I unfolded it on the table, they were reviewing the evolution of amphibians and reptiles. They immediately made a connection to the continuum of life: fish, the mudskipper, frogs and their need to lay eggs near water, and the unique invention of the reptiles, the eggshell, and so on... By the way, I own an original copy of "Life on Earth," with David Attenborough. It is a "must see" in my class. I will teach evolution in a few months, and I am planning to have each class select a section of the poster and expand it with additional student-created posters. I will be in touch with you. Again, thank you,

Thank you so much for my poster.  I received it today, and it is hanging in my classroom.  We will begin evolution in a few weeks.  Thank you again for this great resource.

Yes I got the poster and love it.  I teach evolution after genetics.  That is my next unit.  I plan on using it to allow students to see a visual representation of geologic time, one of the most elusive topics for high schoolers. Thanks for the poster.

Got it!  Thanks again for this wonderful visual gift.  It goes right along with my “timeline project.”

Yes, I did receive my poster. I haven't used it yet. We do not get to evolution to Dec/Jan. It is great poster! Thank you so much. It is very nicely and accurately done and will be a great way to help my students understand the timeline of evolution.

Yes! I received it, laminated it, and put it on the wall outside my classroom door. It's great. My students look at it while they are waiting on class to start. Thank you so much for the poster. I haven't sent any feedback before now because I have been very busy. When I look at the beautiful poster I think about sending feedback but I quickly forget when I am faced with the every day stuff of teaching.

I did receive it... thank you very much! I think it is GREAT!! I don't teach evolution until later in the school year, and will be showcasing it then. I also liked the fact that it came with info and activities.

The poster looks amazing! I live and teach in Alabama where the bias against evolution can be strong. This poster will be on the wall permanently so that my students will be able to relate the geology with the biology in one place. They will get the real story of why every living thing is a cousin to another.

I got your amazing poster and immediately put it up in the front of my room on the white board. I found kids gravitated towards it and studied it intently. At first it was disconcerting, because most of the timelines I have dealt with (and I have always made my students make proportional timelines) read from left (past) to right (present), while your timeline reads right to left. After a few minutes I reoriented. To conserve space on the white board I have re-mounted it above the board. While that makes it difficult to study, it is there to constantly remind the students of the time and process of evolution. I’ve attached a picture of the poster as currently mounted, hanging from the ceiling in the front of my room. Thank you.

Thank you very much for the evolution poster. I just received it today (our first day back at school) and look forward to hanging it in my classroom!

Thanks for the great poster that I received yesterday upon my return from Christmas break.  I do plan to use it very soon. Thanks again.

[T]he poster was beautiful! Thank you very much. I have it displayed outside of my classroom so that the entire school may view it.

I did receive it and have it up in my classroom. It is GREAT! I haven’t really started talking about geologic history in my earth science course, but I have plans to incorporate the poster into the lab analysis questions when my students create their own geologic time scales for the history of the earth (I will probably have them add events from the poster to their scales, or have them argue what should have been left off or included and why… still deciding!) Thanks so much for the donation of the poster to my classroom. It is appreciated.

Yes, I received the poster. Thank you. I think it will be enlightening and an excellent addition to my classroom.

I received it at the end of the school year. I can't wait to use it. It is excellent quality and has a ton of evidence for evolution and the age of the earth. Thanks.

Getting the poster made my day. It is proudly displayed right over my student computers, so whenever they look up from their work, they'll see the history of their existence! Thanks a million for this.

Thank you for the poster ! I checked in at school this week and found it in the mail room. I can't wait to put it up and have some conversations :) Thanks again.

I've received the Poster (it's great thank you!!)

It’s beautiful and hanging in a display case.

The poster is very colourful and indeed educative. It’s going to enlighten my students plus the local people around. Long live the Brights movement; long live the free thought philosophy. Pass on my sincere thanks to the Brights working colleagues and I do appreciate their efforts in trying to make this planet a better one.

I got my poster yesterday and it came in great condition. It is very interesting to look at in detail. Thanks!

Poster received—thanks. It is great.

Yes, I received the beautiful Evolution poster and have it displayed in the hallway outside of my classroom. We are just studying the history of the Earth and Evolution right now, and the poster is a wonderful addition to my resources. I particularly like the diagrams of the structure of the continents that is along the top of the poster. It helps with the understanding of biogeography in relation to evolution.

We both really appreciate the resource you've provided and your organization's efforts to advance scientific literacy. It is something we struggle with on a daily basis but it's definitely what I would call "the good fight." Keep it up!

I received your poster today – thank you so much – it is already displayed on my science bulletin board.

Thanks for the poster. We have just finished our evolution unit and used the poster to demonstrate change over time. We had students pick a time from the poster when a new class of animals was evolving and show the transition stages in a power point presentation. For example the transition of fish to reptiles. The poster was very useful.

I wanted to let you know I received the poster yesterday and it is great! I am waiting to have it laminated before I post it, but I will be sharing it with my students asap. Thank you very much for the resource! It will be a great addition to my classroom.

I received the poster, laminated it, and it is now posted in my classroom. Thank you! Just in time for our discussion of the fossil record and geological time periods over the next few days.

The poster arrived—thank you very much! I have attached a PNG file to show you how it is displayed in my lab classroom. We teach molecular biology in this room. So we have lots of posters of proteins and DNA. Our molecular course is also firmly grounded in evolution—so there is a lot of Darwin the in the room as well.

Hi, Just letting you know that I received the poster. Thanks! I will put it to good use.

The poster has found a happy home!

* While some minor tweaking to fine-tune content may be forthcoming in any future printings (due to input from Ph.D. level scientists), so far – as of 12/1/2013 - no high school teacher has been anything but appreciative (and the majority we have contacted are absolutely delighted with it).

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