The Brights' "Evolution Poster Project"

With the Evolution Poster Project, Brights are enhancing young people’s understanding of the natural story of life on earth.

The purpose of The Brights' Evolution Poster Project is to provide high school science teachers with a superb teaching resource for helping their students learn about evolution.

The poster, entitled "Earth and Life: changes over time", uniquely depicts the course of biological and geological evolution from 13.7 billion years ago until today. It extends over 5 feet in length! Science teachers just love this unique visual resource! Check out their comments on our website.

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NOTE: The Brights' Net carries sole dissemination rights under an agreement with the original developers of the visual resource. Due to copyright restrictions on incorporated images, there can be no commercial distribution of the complex completed image. However, our teacher application method, which ensures instructional implementation in appropriate settings, has garnered approval of the originators of the unique visual, which blends physical and biological events on the same timeline.

With the help of Brights and science enthusiasts from around the globe, we've been able to supply these posters at no cost to the qualified teachers who apply. Since the project's inception in late 2010, our posters have aided over 250,000 high school students in the United States to learn the natural story of life on earth under the guidance of a knowledgeable teacher. (With help of a small grant, some teacher applicants from the U.K. have received posters as well.)

Unfortunately, evolution is widely misunderstood in the United States, and Brights are doing their part to address the problem. (Details are in the "Project Rationale" below.)

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Project Rationale

Despite the fact that almost all American scientists agree with evolutionary theory [1], recent statistics show a substantial number of Americans disagree (33% of adults) or simply are undecided (7% of adults) as to its empirical validity as of 2013 [2]. In fact, evolution is less accepted in the United States today than many other similarly industrialized nations [3]. Many skeptics about evolution either point to a perceived lack of evidence for evolution or a perceived conflict in the scientific community regarding evolution (in addition to supernatural beliefs) as reasons for not accepting the theory's validity. Though, data suggests that individuals' lack of support for evolution is largely influenced by one's lack of education. As such, improving evolution education early on shows to be the key to surmounting widespread disbelief about the theory.

This Brights' endeavor serves to present students with the scientific evidence for evolution in a concise and engaging format that's easily digestible for the average teenager. We want to show high school science students the biological relationships between extinct and living species, not just tell them. By providing seasoned educators with this resource, we're empowering the individuals most qualified in our society to instruct our children about these subjects to explain evolutionary theory more effectively. And, with your assistance, we can expand those efforts to include even more pupils.

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