Earth and Life: changes over time

How a Bright Can Order a Wall Poster

Brights Central can provide a poster at cost of fulfillment to already registered* Brights who plan to use it for educational purposes of their own (personally edifying about aspects of evolution with receptive audiences).

To qualify, you can communicate your specific need/interest and provide your complete postal address by email to with "NEEDE&L" in upper case letters in your subject line.

Some thought should be given to the likely usefulness of the poster. The material will be instructionally beneficial only to the extent that the individual employing it has adequate expertise and the prospective learner(s) have readiness to benefit from the physical and biological detail it provides.

When your email address is found in the constituency* database, you will be listed at Brights Central as a pending purchase and receive a return email with specific cost and payment instructions for your situation.

The base single poster cost (including packaging/handling) is $21.78, not including postage. Thus, total cost of fulfillment including postage varies. Postal rates vary widely from domestic media mail to required international post, $3.53 to $14.90 (as of March 5, 2014).

*Note: The poster will be supplied only after verification that the individual has been a Bright for a while and is not registering as such simply to acquire a poster.

The Brights' Net does not make any profit whatsoever on any described transaction.

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