Equinox Budget- March 20 to Sept. 22, 2008
Organizational Support & Staffing
USD $20,965

Co-director wages, webmaster, groups coordinator, education specialist, employment expenses, payroll and CPA services, TBN board meetings, banking or government fees.




Six months space rent; telephone and broadband, office supplies; move office, necessary installations


Constituent Communications/Services


Database records and emailing services, software and hardware licensing, upgrades, equipment (purchase, repair), added website functionality (professional services), merchandise inventory purchases, merchandise design, fulfillment, shopkeeping, postage and shipping


Other Programmatic Expenses

BC-directed promotion of movement

Paid advertising (nonprofit magazines), publicity, literature, and displays, organizational networking (incl. travel), new mini-videos curriculum (website & YouTube), Brights’ Action Forum, Facebook

Project Related Expenditures

Action Arena 1 (Morality); Action Arena 2 (“Youth Ed Resource Wiki” and “Bright Tomorrow”)

ISC-directed Awareness Actions

USA-focused (e.g., KnockKnock postcards), nationally focused (e.g., U.K. posters); internationally focused (website alignments, non-English languages)

*4.3 A newly created “International Steering Council” (ISC) designates these projects and handles management within its $5K budget, generally allocated by proportion of constituency action involvement




Total Dollars



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