Snapshot 1: Growth

More Brights around the World

Until 2003, nobody was characterized as a bright. Time has seen a procession of brights acknowledging this broad worldview and registering into this Internet constituency as Brights.

Many people fit the definition of the noun (these are the "lower case 'b' brights"). They are drawn to The Brights’ Network by its constructive approach to civic engagement or by a welcome independence from being so religion-defined. They see potential in characterizing a rather broad category of humanity by what it is, rather than by what it is not - by what it has, rather than what it hasn't. They understand that having a naturalistic worldview (being a bright) is a constructive statement and that it encompasses great diversity.


More and more brights (by definition) are turning into the "capital 'B' Brights" (registrants) who compose the constituency of The Brights' Net.

Stepping forward as Brights

The Brights’ Net’s quest of an improved social and civic position in society for such individuals has led thousands to sign into the constituency. Word has spread. We have registered individuals from 155 of the 192 UN-listed nations in the world (even more from the Wikipedia listed "nations").

Recent Progress

The Brights’ Network offers access to consciousness raising and confidence building and motivation for mounting numbers of people. (It’s not just a website; it is also a communications and action hub for the active participants in this growing constituency.)

The count of registered Brights is now 41,700. Monthly registrations are enabling a steady rise, so reaching the 42,000 mark is likely by October, 2008.

Are you surprised that the larger the constituency, the more funds required?


While many educational activities of The Brights' Net are coordinated from Brights Central, it is the activist Brights within the constituency who are focused on spreading the word of the movement and fostering a more neutral and accepting societal understanding for brights of whatever stripes. It is in large part due to their activities that more persons are learning about the Brights movement.

Brights need not be personally engaged in such activism to welcome the existence of an affirmative identity and a positive stance for the pursuit of civic justice and equitable participation for persons who hold outlooks free of belief in supernatural entities or forces.

You may be among those to help sustain the overall organization for others through your "checkbook activism" during the equinox fund drives.

Needs: Cover "The Basics"

This snapshot does not deal with financing for any human resources [snapshot #2] or with major site upgrades or special projects [snapshots #3 and #4]. Right now, on this web page, the focus is on upholding an "operational floor" for adequately sustaining the operations of the network and meeting all legal requirements for a non-profit organization. It includes moving forward toward a simple, concentrated physical infrastructure seen as ideal for moving forward to appropriately service the growing constituency and pursue the goals of the movement.

To carry out basic provision of all present non-personnel services, upgrade resources to currency, and uphold the underlying legal organizational requirements across the next six months, there is budgeted a modest $11,500.

Update Notes, 2008

Ongoing Professionalizing

As of January 1, 2008, The Brights' Net engaged the professional services of a self-employed CPA to handle annual tax filings, which co-founders had previously done voluntarily. The payroll services aspect is now handled by the same CPA, rather than by a corporation.

Office Space

In May 2008, the organization acquired, at an excellent below commercial rental rate, a 316 sq. ft. office space for its professional operations and associated staffing. (Previous operations took place at the co-founders' home office, where space was provided at no charge but did not permit expanded activities.) The prior two equinox periods permitted accumulation of the "move operations" reserve fund, and a 2008 donation brought that amount to a sum with which to confidently make a move to a public space. (The annual lease requires $6,000.) Co-founders donated the furniture for two work stations, small conference table and chairs, two large storage/file cabinets, and hospitality table/chair).

The new office space spurs continued movement toward the planned-for ideal, which is to reach a simple 3-station situation appropriate for staff and intern/volunteers. This concentrated infrastructure is viewed as just right for appropriately servicing the large and growing constituency and pursuing the stated aims in 2009.

Please give what you can to help us to reach the essential amount to carry forward these network operations.

Achievements, Plans, and Needs

(Four Snapshots)

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