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One of the best ways to financially support the Brights just happens to be absolutely free! If you ever shop online, you can simply supply funds "through the back door." Consider the idea of registering to start your shopping sessions at iGive.com. You can select The Brights' Net as your "cause" and shop at any of the 1,500+ stores available, earning a small commission for the Brights at no cost to you with each purchase. (Most store commissions range from 1%-3%.)

Stores include: Apple Store, AT&T, Bed Bath & Beyond, DSW, Forever 21, Groupon, Guess, JCPenny, Kohl's, Lowe's, Macy's, OfficeMax, Peets.com, Roxy, Sears, Sephora, Textbooks.com, Zumba Fitness, and many more.

To check it all out, visit the Brights' iGive page, or search for products directly here:

Additionally, install the iGive button and help support the Brights whenever you shop, hassle free. This tiny addition to your internet browser automatically tells participating stores that you want your shopping to support the Brights movement.
Visit iGive's website here to find out how it works.



Special Bonus for Brights Who Are New to iGive:
Month of October, 2014

Register with the Brights' iGive link and make at least one purchase from October, 2014 and January, 2015 to earn The Brights' Net an extra $5.00!

Join iGive.com for free so that The Brights' Net can earn money whenever you shop online. We'll also get $5 for each new supporter in October. Plus, iGive is giving away another special $2,000 in October to the top three people who get the most friends to join and use the iGive Button. You can support our cause, or your own favorite group. There will be one $1,000 winner, and two $500 winners. All you need to do is try the iGive Button through January 15, 2015. No purchase necessary!

iGive is a free service where shopping at any of 1563 stores like Amazon, Travelocity, Overstock, and many more, means a donation to your favorite cause.

We hope you'll give it a try.

Here's the link to use for the Brights Bonus:

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