Brights-Friendly Meetups

In some cities, Brights can use Meetup to get acquainted with other Brights.

Meetup is a local gathering of persons who are interested in casual contact with others. There is generally a nominal charge associated with belonging to a Meetup group.

Meetup groups get together at a public location (e.g. a coffee house). All arrangements are made through, which is not a function of the Bright's Net.

In a Brights-friendly Meetup, one can meet others who have a naturalistic worldview and are generally supportive of the aims and principles of the Brights movement.

Using the link

Find a Brights MeetUp Group Near You!

The website will bring you into contact with a variety of Meetups. These may be gatherings of Brights, or they may be gatherings deemed “of possible interest to Brights.” These two categories are not differentiated. Both will be listed together on the site.

Many such“Brights Meetups” invite together persons by other attributes or categories. (Most often, these are humanists, atheists, agnostics, skeptics, and/or freethinkers.) Hence, not every such gathering will prove to consist of Brights, nor can one expect it to be in tune with the interests and goals of Brights.

The relevance of any group is for Brights to decide for themselves, by experience.

The mechanism by which the Meetup organization produces its listings tends to give more weight to philosophy/religion/beliefs than to civic action goals or social change activities. That is, this manner of coding draws together persons whose focus is on religion (e.g., dissent from or antipathy to religion, civil rights aspects of separation of religion and government).

While such groups may welcome Brights, they seldom have little actual involvement with or interest in working on the strong civic justice purpose that underpins the Brights movement or an effective Brights Community Cluster.

Find a Brights-Friendly Meetup Group Near You!

Meetup Leadership Information

Running a Brights Meetup

Socializing is fine, but probably not sufficient to hold a group together for long. Without purpose, meetings tend to go nowhere. more...

Creating a Brights-Friendly Meetup

Leaders of Freethought-oriented Meetups may want to welcome Brights to their activities. Some brief considerations may be helpful. more...

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