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When you take an action #AsABright that you consider helpful to the overall Brights movement, let Brights Central know so it can tweet your activity. Simply email a paragraph description (of what you did or are doing) to the-brights@the-brights.net with "For Twitter" in the subject line, being sure to send from the email address registered for you in The Brights' Net's database.

Some Internet Brights Groups

Many persons communicating and congregating in the various "Brights groups" within the social networks listed below are not registered as participants in the Brights movement. Urge them to visit this international site and explore its content. (See especially the vision, synopsis, and principles.)

All who decide they fit the definition of "a bright" provided on the home page are invited to support this movement, spread its concept of a naturalist worldview, and help work in constructive ways to gain civic parity for persons who share that type of outlook.

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Meetup.com references 120+ groups with over 39,000 members. These are in too many locations to list, but you can visit its website to find your city.

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