Brights Community Clusters (BCCs)

A Brights Community Cluster (formally a Brights Local Constituency, BLC) is a local, regional, national, or international group of Brights dedicated to the aims and principles of the Brights movement and staying in communication with one another via e-mail, listserv, and/or in person. A BCC is sponsored by an individual who takes responsibility for organizing and running a group.

List of Currently Active BCCs

How BCCs Work

Forming a BCC

Note: E-mail addresses of Brights are never revealed to others unless a Bright has asked outright to release his/hers for such a purpose.

Example: Jacque in Paris wants to meet other Brights in the nearby area to discuss the movement and consider potential actions. The Brights' Net sends out an e-mail to the Paris Brights to say that, if a person wants to get in touch and perhaps gather locally, they should contact Jacque directly, who has volunteered to make public his e-mail address. Then, those interested in joining in the activities of the particular BCC can respond directly to Jacque.

Doing a Project

Participants look for something worthwhile to pursue that would have high participation and commitment. Members suggest and weigh different activities. They choose from the proposed ideas a defined activity with a concrete goal. They need confidence in reaching a desired result in a reasonable period of time.

Example: A community cluster constructs, opens, and operates a little free library.

Interested in Starting a BCC?

First, you may want to look at BCC leadership information and the list of currently active BCCs. Then, to start a BCC, a Bright must release in writing his/her e-mail address for such a purpose. The Brights' Net places a one-time "advertisement" in the Brights' Bulletin and adds the new cluster to the list of active BCCs.

If you are a Bright and you want to try to start a BCC, you may use your signup e-mail address to give specific permission to make public your first name and your e-mail address, along with the local area you want to organize and for what purpose(s). Please put "BCC" in the subject line of your message and send it to


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