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A Brights Community Cluster (BCC) can be a local group of Brights dedicated to the aims and principles of the Brights movement. Members generally stay in communication with one another both electronically and in person.

A BCC constructs, opens, and operates a little free library.

Make available books for children featuring nature, investigation, invention, critical thinking and some excellent morality tales… For adults, top notch fiction and nonfiction… A library accessible 24/7, outdoors, and operating on the honor system – Why not?

That was the thinking of a small Brights Community Cluster (BCC) in Sacramento (USA). And so they did it.

Participants got the idea from a website (littlefreelibrary.org) that has many suggestions for such a project.. They used another website (meetup.com) to arrange work sessions (usually followed by refreshment and camaraderie at a local pub).

Productive fun, and something worthwhile for Brights to do!

Across several monthly meetings in 2013, the BCC brought into being a tiny neighborhood free library. Members built it from scratch (with some expert guidance from one member, a civil engineer). They weather-proofed, painted, installed and stocked the two shelves with books.


They had a grand opening with announcements, refreshments, ribbons, balloons, and Brights bookmarks.

Alice, who lives and breathes books anyway, volunteered to be the group’s librarian (regularly monitoring, accepting book donations, and exchanging notes with the users). She reports back that residents of the surrounding neighborhood “…seem genuinely pleased with this handsome addition to their street.” Of the process, she said: “For us, it was careful planning, many meetings, negotiating and problem solving, and extraordinary teamwork.”

A positive Brights action. A proud achievement.



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