Brights Clusters

A Brights Community Cluster (BCC) is a local, regional, national, or international group of Brights dedicated to the aims and principles of the Brights movement. Members stay in communication with one another via e-mail, listserv, forum, web group, and/or in person.

A cluster is sponsored by an individual who takes responsibility for organizing and running the group. For further information please contact Brights Central by emailing
(Please put CLUSTER in your subject line.)

Brights Movement Forums

The Brights Forum invites you to participate in online discussions of a multitude of different topics.

Listing of Clusters by Categories

Nation- and/or Language-focused Clusters

• email - Bolivian Brights

• email - Brazilian Brights

German-speaking Brights

• email - Georgian Brights

• email - India Brights

• email - Mexican Brights

• email - Polish Brights

• email - Philippine Brights

• email - Russian Brights

Russian-speaking Brights

United Kingdom:
• email - UK Brights

Brights Community Clusters (by Nation, Location)

Australia, Victoria:
• email - Victoria Coordinator

Canada, Montreal:
• email - Montreal Coordinator

Germany, Frankfurt:
• email - Frankfurt Coordinator

Ireland, Belfast:
• email - Belfast Coordinator

Italy, Udine:
• email - Udine Coordinator

Peru, Lima:
• email - Lima Coordinator

Spain, Canary Islands, Tenerife
• email - Tenerife Coordinator

South Africa, Johannesburg:
• email - Johannesburg Coordinator

UK Brights Clusters

United Kingdom Coordinator:
UK Google Group

Edinburgh and Glasgow:
• email - Edinburgh & Glasgow Coordinator

Isle of Man:
• email - Isle Of Man Coordinator

London, University of Westminster:
• email - University of Westminster Coordinator

• email - York Coordinator

US Brights Clusters

California; Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo:
• email - Cal Poly Coordinator

California, Los Angeles/San Pedro:
• email - Los Angeles Coordinator

California, Sacramento:
• email - Sacramento Coordinator

California, San Jose:
• email - San Jose Coordinator

California, San Diego (North County):
• email - Paul Buchman

Colorado, Denver:
• email - Denver Coordinator

Illinois, Chicago:
• email - Chicago Coordinator

Kentucky, Lexington:
• email - Lexington Coordinator

Illinois, Chicago (Northern Suburbs):
• email - North Chicago Coordinator

Missouri, St. Charles:
• email - St. Charles Coordinator

Nevada, Las Vegas:
• email - Las Vegas Coordinator

Nevada, Reno:
• email - Reno Coordinator

New York, New York City:
• email - NYC Coordinator

New York; Central region:
• email - NY Central State Coordinator

Texas, Dallas:
• email - Dallas Coordinator

Texas; Lubbock:
• email - Lubbock Coordinator

Virgina; Northern Region
• email - Northern Virginia Coordinator

Virginia; Richmond:
Richmond Brights Meetup site


Interested in Starting a BCC?

Please see the BCC leadership information.



Do you know of a Brights group that is not on this list yet?

• Please let us know about it -- email to Brights Central

Did you have a problem reaching a group?

• Please email Brights Central and let us know.

Brights Community Clusters

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