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Be a "Checkbook Activist"!

One need not be personally engaged in activism to play a crucial role in this movement. Financial contributions are always valued. (The Brights' Net is a donor-supported endeavor; it depends entirely on contributions received from individuals in the constituency of Brights.) The level of programmatic activity can rise - with your help.

Although there is a pattern of directly requesting contributions only during a fundraising effort at each equinox, your donation is welcome at any time of the year. Funds are needed to service the communications and action hub of what has grown to be a constituency of over 78,000 Brights in 204 nations and territories.

Generous funding will enable Brights Central to efficiently serve constituents and also give more effective service to emergent community clusters in which Brights are communicating and/or meeting to support the aims and principles of the Brights movement. (Brights Central helps potential leaders invite Brights in their nearby locales to join forces in civic activism.)

Contributions beyond those needed to maintain the hub will go toward

  • development of promotional materials to expand the movement and maintain visibility,
  • production of informational/educational materials (e.g., videos and web resources) that encourage openness and constructive activity by Brights within their spheres of influence (home, work, community), and
  • activities in the priority action arenas ("resources for teaching about evolution" and "reality about morality" projects).
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