Some of the ways Brights are participating
in the Brights movement

There aren't rules to being a Bright. Most will find sufficient guidance in the aims and principles. Others like examples. Below are a few examples of Brights acting as individuals to advance the Brights movement and promote acceptance of citizens who have a naturalistic worldview.

Of course, conditions vary widely across the world, so persons make judgments about what circumstances are conducive, appropriate, and safe.


Brights can, in their own ways, try to be more authentic and genuine within their varied spheres of influence...

  • Forthright with others about personally having a naturalistic worldview
    --or, in stressful settings, at least trying to be a bit more so, mustering courage as they can, testing the waters, etc..
  • Willing to perhaps evince a mild challenge to accounts of paranormal phenomena or supernatural agency
    --or at least taking steps in that direction - trying out and experimenting with strategies along those lines such as by saying “I am someone who just doesn’t credit the supernatural” or “I actually think facing reality is better than living in fantasy or fallacy”
  • Affirmative in portraying what they are rather than what they are not, saying “I tend to stick to the real world happenings” or “I find a natural explanation suits me just fine” or “the scientific account has my confidence.”
  • Able to evidence or emphasize any of the personal rewards and delights of having a naturalistic outlook


To the extent they can and wish, individual Brights will personally spread awareness of this movement…

  • Using the new term, saying “I am “a Bright” or “I am a participant in the Brights movement” or “I favor the goals of the Brights,” which are asking for equality and acceptance…”
  • Inviting others to “check out the Brights’ website” or “investigate the Brights movement”
    --whenever they judge it feasible and appropriate to do so
  • Employing visual elements of the movement (icons, logos, banners) to build recognition on the Web through signature lines, blog sites, Facebook etc. and in their communities with brochures, pins, bookmarks, flyers, etc.
  • Alerting others to items developed under the auspices of the Brights, such as the flyer about evolution education, the wall poster for high school science teachers, the presentation of scientific support for natural explanations of human morality.

Constructive Engagement

Brights, while in the presence of or talking to supers, are rehearsing strategies that help them to stay “in tune” with the affirmative principles of this movement. They may be…

  • Relying on commonly accepted principles of social fairness and civic equality, and applying them assertively in activities and discussions
  • Maintaining a posture of civility, listening politely to views and beliefs of fellow citizens (even if disagreeing), but expecting and even insisting that the courtesy be returned to a fellow citizen
  • Standing up for equality and fair treatment when they see others being placed at a disadvantage due to their having a naturalistic outlook
  • Trying out fresh language and positive approaches to better characterize their own views in optimistic and sociable ways
  • Purposefully evading accustomed religious references that make exchanges among citizens slip so easily into an oppositional and argumentative stance
  • Eschewing the religious framework for the civic framework, so as to better portray one as deserving of fairness and one’s naturalistic worldview for itself (without trapping one as a nonconformist to prevailing sentiment)

Civic Participation

Brights as individuals and in collaboration are purposefully moving out of the margins and into the mainstream of society. They are, within their spheres of influence and as time is available…

  • Pursuing volunteer opportunities that put them into decision making positions in civil society, such in public bodies entities like commissions and committees acting for the public good
  • Standing for election to public office in bodies
  • Donating or participating or otherwise helping to sustain the kinds of clubs, coalitions and movements that align well with the civic inclusion vision of the Brights’ initiative
  • Joining in collaboration with other Brights on outreach and development as projects are identified and resources made available

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