The People

The constituency of Brights is hugely diverse. Besides those who self-identify as atheist, humanist, secular humanist, freethinker, rationalist, naturalist, agnostic, or skeptic, there are individuals who go by their preferred affiliations, such as Ethical Culturalist, Pantheist, Buddhist, Yogi, Wiccan, Transhumanist, or Unitarian. Also part of the gamut of constituents are Jews, Catholics, Quakers, Episcopalians, and others who may personally maintain their religion’s cultural or aesthetic aspects, but not its supernaturalism. There are professors of religious studies and clergy in and out of practice who are Brights (e.g., Unitarian-Universalist ministers, Protestant pastors, even one ex-Benedictine monk). Not all constituents associate themselves with familiar groupings or labels. The movement’s goals attract all sorts of people who “have a naturalistic worldview” and favor thinking of themselves broadly and in a civic sense, as Brights.

Enthusiastic Brights

See photos and read brief resumes of an array of Brights. Some are notables in their fields; some are activists; some are regular folks. You will recognize many of the names.

Blogging Brights

The Brights’ Net blog, BloggingBrights, hosts a few contributors from the constituency at large. The contributors write as individuals on topics of interest to them, while authoring from an overall perspective of having a naturalistic worldview, free of supernatural and mystical elements.

Books by Brights

This brief catalog of books illustrates the diverse thinking of some Brights who wrote down their ideas and pursued them to publication. There is sufficient information to obtain any book you find of interest, but please note that these works have not been reviewed.

Comments by Brights

This representative sampling of the varied sayings sent by individual Brights to the Brights' Net offers you a glimpse of some ingredients of their personal worldview.

Brights' Sound Bites

One-line expressions authored by Brights highlight their conceptions of the overall Bright endeavor. These examples are drawn from among over 400 such sayings sent in to The Brights’ Net.

Expressions and Illuminations

A variety of art, music, and other perspectives of Brights that offers you a glimpse of some ingredients of their personal worldview.

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