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Brights Central is open to receiving corrections and suggestions for improvement of the website Brights’ Bulletins, projects and activities. (If referring to a page on the site, please provide the URL with specifics.) All suggestions received will be read and considered.

Valid queries will be answered whenever possible, although we regret that responses may not be immediately forthcoming. Due to the size of the constituency and the fact that The Brights’’ Net relies on volunteers, correspondence at the Brights’ hub must be kept to a manageable level. We are unable to engage in lengthy exchanges. Please keep comments brief and to the point.

Please refrain from submitting your manuscripts for comments. The Brights’ Net has no venue for publishing or evaluating unsolicited content submissions (position papers, essays, articles, or books). Such material is best tendered to existing publications. Alternatively, an abstract may be posted to the Forum, where almost every idea posted will meet with response from some Forum members.

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