The Movement

Any individual whose worldview is free of supernatural or mystical forces and entities may register as a constituent. With each registrant, the constituency of Brights gains one more person who supports the overall vision. These constituents can receive communications from the Internet hub (The Brights’ Net, a nonprofit educational organization) in order to stay current with ongoing activities. Persons may participate in the overall endeavor to the extent they wish by way of individual and group actions. As more persons support and participate in the endeavor, more gets done on behalf of persons whose worldview is naturalistic.

A Synopsis

If you are intrigued by the idea of ultimately building a constituency of a size to initiate and sustain notable collective social and political action, then be sure to explore this website fully. The brief explanatory synopsis gets you started.

Making a Movement

The primary impetus for the Brights’ endeavor is the need to constructively address the marginalized situation of persons who have a naturalistic worldview. If we are successful over the long term, then politicians, media, do-gooders, friends and family, acquaintances and employers will acknowledge and justly attend to the voices of the many and diverse brights.

Brights Videos

A variety of mini-videos help to explain the nature of the Bright Movement.

The Brights' Bulletin

The Brights’ Bulletin is e-mailed monthly to registered Brights. It keeps Brights informed of ongoing activities and offers opportunities for involvement.

Being a Bright - A "How-To"

If you are a bright (by definition), then why not stand up and be a Bright (in person)? By speaking out as a Bright (or simply as “a person who has a naturalistic worldview”), you can in fact help extend the Bright idea to the general population—one query or opportunity at a time.

Expressing Your Naturalistic Worldview

Whether or not you employ the noun Bright as an identifier for yourself, you can aid the movement both by being open and positive regarding your supernaturalism-free stance and by conveying your worldview in harmony with its aims and principles.

Brights' Merchandise

Check out the array of items (mugs, mousepads, T's and so forth) you can obtain for your personal pleasure, or for showing the world you are a Bright.

Brights' Tool Box

The "Tool Box" offers an opportunity for Brights to benefit by sharing of constructive ideas for how, in a milieu infused with supernaturalist beliefs, persons who have a naturalistic worldview can best interact with fellow citizens.

Logos, Icons, & Banner Downloads

There are a variety of supporting materials to help you spread the word regarding The Brights’ Net, including: banners for your web site, Brights’ wallet cards, mini-fliers, and professional-level, camera-ready logo art.

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The Brights' Community

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