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Issue #13

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 This Bulletin is #13. Notice that we are not skipping from #12 to #14.  ;-)



 Thanks to all who participated in the poll to select a name for what had been, until now, our very simply named “Brights’ Bulletin”! And the winner is: (see first line above)

 Yes, “Keep it the same” ranked #1, barely squeaking past the second-place name “The Bright Side” (third was “Bright Times”).  Thanks to all who sent in suggested names.



 It appears there may have been a problem with the Brights’ server resulting in responses going astray for three or four graphic designers trying to offer advice on icons), and some Web-up-grade volunteers. If you are interested in those activities, please e-mail with the topic in your subject line.

 Graphics Professionals reply ICON ADVICE

Web- Upg-Grades reply WEB UPGRADE



 The Brights’ Local Constituency (BLC) is a means for individuals to try initiating Brights’ social and civic activism at a local level. This experimental idea has taken off with a bang and continues to involve more persons who are aligned with the aims and principles of the Brights’ Net. Newly indicating their interest in local contacts and potential activism are Brights in the following locations:

  Argentina, Buenos Aires:  Edgardo /

Australia, Gold Coast, Queensland:  Paul /

Brasil, Viçosa, Minas Gerais:  Maria /

France, Bordeaux:  Sebastien /

Italy, Milano:  Nicola /

South Africa, Bloemfontein:  Johann /

Sweden:  Christer /

Sweden:  Felicia /

UK, Leicester and East Midlands:  Keith /

USA, Fort Myers, Florida:  Pat /

USA, Honolulu (e-mail correction):  Neil /

USA, Northwest corner of Washington State (including Puget Sound, Vancouver Island, Southwest BC Canada):  Monty /

USA, Philadelphia, Lower Bucks and Montgomery Counties:  Lynne /

 The Web site has a geographical listing of BLC locations at

 If you are interested in starting a BLC in your area, send us an e-mail giving specific permission to make public your first name and your e-mail address. Please put “BLC” in the subject line, and designate the local area you want to organize.

 BLC LEADERS (and soon-to-be leaders): Please read leadership suggestions posted at:



 Brights Central receives spontaneous e-mail from individual Brights around the world. Incoming remarks span a huge panorama of topics and recommendations. Over recent months, we have encountered countless action suggestions along the lines of “you should do this” and “we should do that” and “be sure to do so and so.”

 There is obviously a need for the Brights’ Net hub to focus narrowly and creatively in order to provide a means of coordinating meaningful leadership and far-reaching activism within the available organizational resources. We must concentrate our gaze and choose to engage in actions that are valuable and feasible and broadly supported by Brights.

 The next “Brighten-Op(portunity)” e-mail (later in May) will be inviting interested Brights to look at three potential action arenas. Besides seeking comments on these three action realms, it will ask that you recommend other arenas that you would perceive to be more fruitful. The intent is to set out spheres of action around which The Brights’ Net might best concentrate energies and resources of persons who support the overall aim of the movement. The responses we receive to the Brighten-Op will become the basis for a subsequent poll of the full constituency to focus and set some priorities.



 Although not connected with the Brights movement, the commercial operation continues to be used by Brights in numerous locations to arrange monthly meetings. That Wweb site has implemented a new feature. You are now able to contact by e-mail others registered in your local group.

 The MeetUp mechanism has served primarily for casual social gatherings. Thus, it is not likely to be a good venue for productive actions by Brights. Still, in some circumstances a MeetUp group may exhibit the potential to go beyond the simple social occasion and, with sustained leadership, perhaps even develop into a local base for prospective actions consistent with the Brights movement. We have posted some commentary on the subject, and anyone attending Brights’ MeetUps might find it of interest.

 Persons anxious for their MeetUp to thrive and engage in more substantive Brights’ actions are urged to check out the general “Guidelines for MeetUp Leaders” posted at:



 Bulletin #12’s call to authors has allowed us to have a section on the main Wweb to showcase Brights’ books. Among the titles now posted are: The Ghost in the Universe (God in the Light of Modern Science); Fear – Faith - Fact – Fantasy; and Fifty Nifty Ways to Help Your Child Become a Better Learner. To read about these works and encounter more books by Brights, you can go to:

 Additional Brights who wish to obtain a similar listing can go to for instructions on having your book listed. A title should either promote the naturalistic worldview or deal with issues related to the Brights’ movement (i.e., be clearly “in sync” with it; books on unrelated subjects do not qualify). The work must be authored or co-authored by a Bright and be available for purchase.



 Submitted by Jerry in California: Representative Jim McDermott (D, WA 7th Dist) is being criticized for recently reciting the pre-1954 version of the Pledge of Allegiance on the floor of the House of Representatives. Brights who appreciate his leaving out the “under God” segment can e-mail their comments at his congressional Web page:

 A decision on the pledge case is expected in June or July. Brights may recall the report in Bulletin 11 of the Co-Directors having undergone an intensive three-day period in February working feverishly on short notice to assemble an amicus brief consisting of extracts from available testimony sent to Dr. Newdow. This brief highlights detrimental effects of the pledge exercise in schools and supports restoration of the pre-1954 version (removing the “under God” statement). It is online as a PDF file at



 The “Jesus Factor,” a Frontline documentary shown last past week, is likely to be of interest to those who contemplate how U.S. President Bush’s being a “born-again Christian” shapes his presidency. The TV program is past, but the National Public Radio discussion of the topic with Dr. Richard Land is available and well worth listening to at: (type into the search: The Jesus Factor)



 Here’s a reminder of an ongoing Brights’ project that can involve anyone and offers a nifty prize to boot! It is the “Letters to the Editor” campaign to place the naturalistic worldview out front and center for readers of mainstream English language newspapers and magazines. To participate (and perhaps be acknowledged at year’s end with a “Turning Up the Brightness” plaque), you write a letter to the editor (or a brief op-ed piece) on any pertinent topic that includes mention of the “bright concept” or the Brights movement. If your item is published, you can notify the Brights’ Net via e-mail, sending along a copy of the text with the subject line: MY PUBLISHED ITEM.

For more details, go to:



 We appreciate all those who donated during the first Equinox Support Drive. The Brights’ Net received $2,282 toward a stated annual goal of $28,024. To see how that changes the budget picture, see



 From Hangzhou: “‘"Bright’" sounds so wonderful. I like to be a Bright! And when I read the word, I feel warm, proactive, and smart; moreover the bright future seems to show in your mind and you want to reach it!”



 You can read all prior and current Bulletins and "Brighten Ops" in the archive at

 If you prefer to read the Bulletin on line at the above link, or not to receive future Bulletins, please reply to this e-mail by placing in the SUBJECT line the word UNSUBSCRIBE. 

Why does the Bulletin use simple text? Many Brights around the world do not have the capability to receive e-mail in any other form. When we redo the Web site (our goal), we will add html capabilities and you can choose to receive the Bulletin as text or formatted with color, pictures, and so forth.

 Brights Central

Co-Directors: Mynga Futrell and Paul Geisert

Webmaster: Kevin Schultz


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