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Issue #2

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E-mail announcement to Brights who signed up before the website sign-up form was implemented.

Hey Brights! (those of you who signed up before June 20, 2003)

We are writing to make you aware of a significant article by Richard Dawkins in the Guardian (titled, “The Future Looks Bright”, June 21). It is interesting reading and you are sure to find it useful for spreading the meme to people who are likely to be Brights--if only they knew about the movement. In fact, the article closes with a link to The-Brights.Net web site. That makes it perfect for Emailing to others with nothing but a prompt, such as:

I thought you might be interested in this article: “The Future Looks Bright”.

The article speaks to the topic of consciousness-raising via language and features Brights.  Dawkins’ article has inundated us with new Brights from the US, the UK, and around the world. There are now Brights in over 30 nations!  (Okay, okay, so it’s just one Bright in some of them, but last week there were only a few countries!) 

Three quick ideas:

  1. First, Dr. Dawkins has suggested to us that we mention to Brights the usefulness of “consciously and deliberately” committing to memory the website address, so we all can accurately and more easily pass it along by word of mouth (pointing out the hyphen and dot net features). Here it is:
  2. We want to remind you of the need for the Brights’ network to create a constituency of sufficient size to become a social and political force. Therefore growing the constituency is of primary interest, first within the community of reason, and eventually among those who are not affiliated with any organizations.
  3. Please note we will not be sending lots of Emails. A hiatus does not mean things are not happening. Check the web site from time to time for news.

Cheerfully Brights,

Paul and Mynga

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