Summer Internship, 2012

Three college students came to Brights Central in Sacramento for a summer internship on nonprofit educational activity that was a fruitful enterprise for everyone (fun, too). The students learned more about behind-the-scenes requirements of nonprofit activity and staff appreciated their involvement in social media activities.

Andrew: "Working for the Brights has been a tremendous opportunity and a satisfying exercise. I appreciated the freedom and latitude I was given, as well as Brights Central’s commitment to providing a living wage in the age of the unpaid intern. In looking to the future, it is my hope that the channels we established this summer will serve to bring forth and display the many talents of the Brights' constituency. I think that the Brights are on the verge of entering a new chapter of engagement and expression."

Jason: "I wanted to let you know what an amazing time I've had working with The Brights' Network this summer as part of your internship program. I've learned a lot, and I had a lot of fun learning it too. As an undergraduate student majoring in Philosophy, I can honestly say that I never thought I would find an internship that would complement my program of study. I feel very fortunate to have found just that, and thank you for the opportunity."

Rachel: "Working with the Brights has been a very rewarding and unique experience for me. Going into it, I really had no idea what to expect, and I definitely did not have a firm understanding of what the Brights was all about. I looked at it as a learning experience, but also as a regular get-some-spending-money summer job. I ended up really enjoying my experience, and not just because I got to work on a computer and collaborate with other students! I ended up really liking the Brights as an organization and what it stands for: equality. Throughout my time working at BC, I gained a much better grasp of the purpose and goals of this non-profit and I completely and honestly support it."

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