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An Evolutionist Deconstructs Creationism

Author: Arndt von Hippel

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Creationists contend that similarities between life forms reveal the thought and touch of our Creator. Evolutionists insist that life forms resemble each other because all share the same ancient ancestors. These contradictory hypotheses cannot both be true. So which does the evidence support?

Well, the creationist claim that “God created life ‘as is - where is’ during one hectic week just a few thousand years ago” rests entirely upon a single anonymous anecdotal report in Genesis. In contrast, the evolutionist conclusion that “Life evolved gradually over billions of years” is supported by all relevant findings in every field of modern science. Thus to sustain their subjective beliefs, creationists must ignore, reject or distort an immense amount of detailed, carefully confirmed, scientific evidence.

At the same time, the explanatory and predictive powers of modern Evolution Theory have become key to innovative advances in agriculture, biology, chemistry, computer science, ecology, geology, infectious diseases, paleontology, psychology and many other fields. So the question arises - might Evolution Theory open the way for rational investigation of creationist claims to absolute truth, natural law and divine guidance?

This highly readable, thought-provoking, amusing little book offers Dr. von Hippel's surprising response to that question.

About the Author

Arndt von Hippel was born in Germany in 1932 and arrived in the United States in 1936. He comes from a unique multigenerational scientific family that was featured in The Scientist. Dr. von Hippel acquired his B.S. in Biology from M.I.T. and an M.D. from Harvard. In 1965, after eight years of surgical training, he moved to Anchorage with his pediatrician wife and their children, where he opened a solo practice in chest surgery and later developed Alaska’s very successful heart surgery program. Following retirement, von Hippel taught a popular course in human anatomy and physiology at the University of Alaska. Because none of the available textbooks explained human anatomy and physiology from an evolutionary perspective, von Hippel then wrote his own widely respected Human Evolutionary Biology.

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