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Churches Ad Hoc: A Divine Comedy

Author: Herman Krieger
ISBN: 0-9665809-6-6
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Description (some review statements)

What Krieger has managed to capture in this marvelous book of photographs is the sometimes absurd ways in which we perceive religion, demonstrating it's pervasive influence in our lives.

Superb photography is complemented by a keen eye for comedy.

A sometimes irreverent photo essay on churches draws a variety of responses.

Christians see devotion. Atheists see satire. Photographers see artistry.

There is a kind of antiphony between the pictures and the captions that is truly comic.

About the Author

Herman Krieger is a non-practicing Jew, who worked as a photo lab technician during his teens in Detroit is the 1940s, and served as a photographer in the U.S. Army Air Corps. Earning a degree in mathematics from UC, Berkeley, he spend 30 years as a computer programmer in Europe . Upon retirement he moved to Eugene , Oregon , enrolling in the UO School of Fine Arts, where he earned a BFA.

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